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2018 in books

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

When I graduated college, I started keeping track of the books I'd read in a calendar year. And at the close of each year, I always feel that that list is the best summary of what the year past had held for me—what's been on my mind, what I'm curious about, etc. Here's a taste of some of what 2018 held for me.

For reading together

My friend Hannah and I started a book club this year, which has been an absolute delight. We read five books together, but these were my favorites.

For fun

This year, I developed a wonderful and unexpected aversion to Netflix-ing, so I read a lot of books just for the fun of it.

For the spiritually struggling

More on this later, but 2018 was one of the most spiritually turbulent to date for me. I felt more isolated from spiritual community than I have in years, so I clung to these authors who put words to all of the angst I couldn't yet articulate.

For new perspectives

This year (well, every year, I suppose), I wanted to read books that expanded my perspective beyond my own experiences and the people I'm around. These were some of the best this year.


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